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If you don't see the platform of your choice, let us know. We may be able to help you out regardless!


Our test team has professional QA experience across a range of platforms. Here are some of the games we and our team members have tested in the past.


Test Company Please Ignore was founded with two goals in mind:

  1. To create a place where Quality Assurance folks are respected.
  2. To fill the gap for the professional testing in the indie games space.

We have both access to great testers and experience in independent game development, so we decided to embark on a mission to make the gamedev industry a slightly better place.


But how can we offer prices that are acceptable for indies, do the job well and treat our team well?

We're based out of Warsaw, Poland, where the median income and cost of living are significantly lower than in most western countries. By staying small and working with small studios/individuals who don't need hundreds of hours of testing every week, we can cut the costly management layers. The magic of the global economy!


Are you working on a game? Do you think you may need our help? Talk to us and let's figure out the details! A simple "I don't know where to start, please send help!" is good enough!

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